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About us

(1) The introduction of Nancy Jayjii

Nancy Jayjii is a shoes brand, synchronized with the international fashion, taking super high technology level as well as an attractive price. Nancy Jayjii means "tailored" or "customized", which symbolizes the modern women's life characteristics of pursuit for fashion and individuality. We aim to help women realize their dream of owning the perfect shoes.

All products of Nancy Jayjii are hand crafted. First of all, we need to module the last according to your size, and adjust the shoe tree, so that the whole shoe is generally shaped. Then we will design effect of style and separate each component of shoes into parts for placing materials. Afterwards, we will process the upper and heel coverage. It's not all, we also need to paste on under high temperature in order to stabilize the structure.

We will spare no efforts to make all products fine and impeccable.

Nancy Jayjii commits to customer three "able", fashionable, comfortable, desirable. The life is constantly changing, fashion trends vary from minute to minute, but Nancy Jayjii always tries all kinds of impossibilities, striking to become the latest must-haves in the fashion world. As long as you dare to admit you are the life designer, you are always in the forefront of fashion, just here, our Nancy Jayjii can help you achieve this desire.

(2) The story of Nancy Jayjii

When the world famous movie Tiantic released in 1997 , the young bohemian painter Jack had such an eternal love story with the beautiful girl Lucy coming from a bourgeois family who together broke the chains of hierarchy and composed a song of unsinkable and unforgettable love, it is right in this year when millions of people were touched by this story is also the pathetic time for Jayjiji who lost his love.

Jayjii,an assiduous and conscientious apprentice working in a little shoes factory on the west coast of Italia. Nancy, a beautiful lady with a delicate face and an elegant shape got very passionate about the fashionable lady shoes.

“Thank God. How amazing ! Destiny gives me this chance to meet this glamorous lady.” the young man Jayjii thought at the first glance of Nancy. To have a good understanding of Nancy's universe, he began to study the fashion. Chances favours only the prepared mind. Jayjii had remarkable skills in painting since he was a little kid. One day , as the talented young man was concentrated on painting the design of the fashion shoes, his focus was disturbed by a "How beautiful" praise coming from his back. Stunned and surprised when he saw her dreaming princess Nancy just standing behind him. That night, Jayjii was sleepless. Praises coming from people we love always make us euphoric. After that, he decided to make the most exquisite shoes and dedicate them to Nancy personally.

Designing a pair of shoes to be comfortable,elegant and superb had become the basic mission for Jayjiji. He worked diligently and tried to perfect his skills. The day Nancy received the first pair of shoes, she admired the creative power and the inventiveness of its designer. After that, she received many new pairs of shoes, each time more sophisticated. She was more and more attracted by Jayjii's talent and creativity. Finally, she began to be attracted by the craftsman himself. Then they fell in love.

However, Naive Jayjii was not aware of the actual situation. He did not know why this elegant lady so frequently coming to the factory to see him. Nancy were lying about her true identity, to avoid anybody knowing a high ranking girl like her spends so much time in a factory. And Nancy made the decision to try to persuade her family to accept Jayjiji despite of all the social ranking difference. That time was the best time ever for them when both were attentive to each other's happiness, they were only talking about the fashion universe, shoes, their research of perfection etc.. Not soon after their love story was discovered by the factory managerwho is a very proud old man got very determined in disagreeing her precious daughter marring such a medioc re young man. When Jayjii knew about his love's true identity, he did not want to lost his love and decided to leave the factory. Determined to resolve this social issue, he promised Nancy that three years later, he will come back and marry her. That year was 1997, the year for Tiantic.

After leaving the factory, with his friend's help Jayjii opened his own shoe factory aiming to design the curtomer-made shoes. But life was not as easy as he basically imagined. He knew how to created elegant designs, sophisticated models, but every final creations were all full of small defects when manufactured in the factory. If Jayjii failed to deliver his shoes at the time his clients were expected, the factory would experience a very serious financial compensation. His debt would be so huge he would never be able to open a new business again. But the most important thing in his eyes was he would never be able to see Nancy again. His friends tried to convince him selling the shoes as they were, but after several scrupulous consideration , he refused. He could not suffer any imperfection for both his and Nancy’s dream.

He found the customers and the clients one by one and went to their houses to explain and slowly present his products. Finally, his clients understood his ideas for seeking excellence. However, Firms are not philanthropically associations, he could not not pay his debt off forever. After hard negotiations, he finally managed to postpone the date of payment. But that was enough for Jayjiji. Onone hand, he decided all the shoes with small defects would be hang on the factory's walls in order to remind everybody to work in high quality. On the other hand, he announced that any workers who is not doing a perfect job would be fired. Since then, nobody waste the materials anymore.

By virture of his prestige, the unique, comfortable and superb quality design, Jayjii's name quickly became very famous in the universe of fashion. Less than three years later, when he earned the respect of his former factory's manager, he went to Nancy and married her. That year, they changed their brand's name and called it : Nancy Jayjii.